all the updates.

HOME updates:

(new bedding.)DSC02369

(new living room shelf.)
Here’s some BEFORE & AFTER action:DSC02209DSC02378

(the other shelf moved.)
As a result of this major change, the entryway spot got a face-lift, too!


FAMILY updates:

Mom and Rob are back at work, grateful for some distraction and normalcy.

They are out of the hotel! Yay! They moved into an awesome (temporary) new home in West Linn to be near the boys’ schools. It’s big and nice and just what they need right now. The insurance company furnishes everything in it for them, and they can slowly replace the rental pieces with the things they want to bring to their home when they leave.

Cory’s parents were gracious enough to host our giant furry dog for a whole month. But now Colby is reunited with mom. They missed each other. A lot.

Mom and I conquered Costco and restocked their pantry. They are feeding two teenage boys after all!



Cory turned 25. TWENTY FIVE. “A quarter century”, as he proudly reminds me.
So I bought him steak. Yeah, it’s strange, but I know the way to my man’s heart.DSC02379

I signed up for my first ever race, The Shamrock Run 5K, in March. I’m nervous, and anxious, and excited. This is just extra motivation to keep running regularly. 5K = 3.1 miles. This is what I already run 2-3 times a week. But for my first race it’s a good place to start.


I’m completely hooked on Downton Abbey. It’s drama-filled. It’s beautiful. It’s fascinating. I love it.abbey-tv-staff

My January Daniel fast is over.
I don’t even know where to begin with this topic.
God uses fasting to reveal so. many. things.

His constant provision.
My unhealthy relationship with food.
The importance of  faith & obedience.
The blessings of eating well & my body’s response.
My God is eager to heal.
He can make all things new.

My body’s response was so interesting.
I lost 10 pounds.
I had to go buy new pants.
I became addicted to good foods.
I always felt comfortably full, never stuffed.
I was never starving – no sugar crashes.
I loved the way eating like this made me feel. And I don’t want to give it up.
(So my counter still looks like this.)

Foods I got tired of really fast:
raw baby carrots, hummus, brown rice

Foods I love more now:
garbanzo beans, crunchy peanut butter, avocados  organic apples, grapes, cherry tomatoes, Juanitas chips, Cory’s homemade applesauce

 Foods I discovered:
tabouli (3 stars), quinoa, veggie breakfast burritos, spaghetti squash (5 stars!!!), popcorn with lemon juice, blended banana ice cream (4 stars), black bean quinoa burgers (5 stars!!!), date fudge (3 stars)

 Foods I missed:
feta cheese, morning coffee, rosemary bread, chocolate chip cookies, breakfast at The Bomber, greek yogurt

(I think those are all the things worth mentioning.)
Happy Tuesday friends.

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